What made me want to be a writer?

1st December 2023

Many years ago, when I was suffering from severe depression, I found that I would escape my mind often by going to other places inside my head. Even as a little girl I would imagine being transported to another place. That fascinated me. It is how I managed to live through some truly dark stages of my life. I could close my eyes for a while and Invision somewhere other than my own life. It gave me a much-needed break and allowed my mind to be at peace for short periods of time.

That’s the power of books and stories that we read. They take us away from our everyday lives and give us short periods of time where we are transported to other realms, or other people’s lives, and we are given a reprieve from our own. Now that my mind is at peace, I enjoy creating my own stories for others to enjoy. I love the process of profiling characters and creating plots. I enjoy walking beside each character as they appear within each chapter, their fate being in my hands. I never know exacting where stories will go as they tend to take on their own life during the writing process and sometimes it is me that is surprised by their twists and turns. That’s the power of a good writing journey.